In Memory of Cardinal Avery Dulles

Before he died on December 12, 2008 Cardinal Avery Dulles spoke meaningfully about contemporary crisis’ which dominated the news cycle concerning the Church.  He said “you need a great love, equal in strength to the great goods of marriage, children and sexual fulfillment, if you are to live a celibate life.  Such a love of others, close or far way, and the love of the Church, its theology, its people, ultimately is impossible without a persistent love of Christ.  By following him, studying him, seeking to accompany him, one finds oneself drawn into a love that not only radically challenges our sexuality, but our relationship to power and money as well.  More deeply, we must ask ourselves whether we indeed aspire to any kind of Gospel holiness in matters sexual, political and economic.  These are questions for every believer, whether in the humblest church pew or on some Archbishop’s throne.”


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