Walter Laqueur: The Last Days of Europe

For decades now, after the demise of Marxism, Continental Europe has basked in the shadow of Pax Americana.  Its welfare state inviting the masses of unassimilated Islamic youth from the basin of the Mediterranean.  Today is it known as Eurabia and Walter Laqueur’s book titled “The Last Days of Europe” is required reading for anyone struggling to understand our contemporary political climate, especially among allies.

Laqueur theme is simple.  Demographic implosion, economic stagnation, political paralysis & existential anomie all dominate the political climate of Europe.   Everywhere you see limited social integration, high unemployment and a rapidly aging population.

For Walter Laqueur the origin is found in sexual ethics.  The simple failure for Europeans to reproduce makes it extremely vulnerable to internal schism.  He writes “it was a century in which unimaginable violence sapped the regenerative energies of a wearied people, in which the seductive falsehoods of twin totalitarian ideologies undermined moral self confidence; in which a flaccid relativism replaced firm political, cultural boundaries of religious belief.”

A must easy read this summer.

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