Benny Avni: Oriana Fallachi In Drag

One simply cannot find a better informed source on the Middle East and its intractable political, religious pathologies and their geo-political consequences than Benny Avni.  His sources remain personal contacts of intelligence agency personnel throughout the globe.  Yesterday he revealed how Ahmadinejad triangulated on the diplomatic efforts of the Americans.

Last October, the Obama administration reversed the Bush policy of insisting on absolutely no Iranian enrichment of uranium.  Dubya had gotten the U.N. Security Council to endorse that principle three times only to have Obama initiate a nuclear-fuel swap in October.  This gave Iran an opening to exploit, which it did wonderfully.  Consequently, the unintended consequences allowed Turkey, Brazil and a host of others at the U.N. to assert their own diplomatic agendas.  Immediately after Iran’s successful triangulation, the U.S. looks weaker than ever.

With the backing of veto wielding China, Russia, Britain, France, not to mention others battling to position in obscuring Americas role, Obamas resolution  would merely expand on the previous three that have failed to end Iran’s pursuit of Nukes.

We are watching the demise of American leadership and its informing role in International affairs.  Our current President who famously belittled American exceptionalism, now finds his self constraining approach empty.

The only actor left with resolving strength is Israel.  Avni’s silence is deafening!


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