“A significant and perhaps irreversible process I believe, threatens to advance substantially in the twenty-first century is humanities hazardous crossing from a natural existence into a technosphere.  Technical progress, which for centuries grew by devouring nature, now proceeds at the expense of culture and man himself.  Having always in the past been a participant, or even a maker of history, man is today furiously swept along by technical progress, whose stormy successes are contributing to a numbing of the person.  Our capacity for concentration and deep inner contemplation, which we are already forfeiting, is being overwhelmed by a tidal wave of inordinate superficial information.  This avalanche leaves less and less room for spirituality, so that many have lost it altogether; less and less room for love not confined to sexual attraction alone.  More and more, man is being transformed from a cultural historical type to a technogenic type.  This deep seated shift threatens humanity with the loss of its very self.”


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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