John Paul II

“The central value, upon which other values like love depend, is the value of the human person.  It is to the human person that basic responsibility refers.  The texts of the Second Vatican Council affirm many times that love in general, and conjugal love in particular, consists in the gift of one person to another, a gift that embraces the human being as a whole, soul and body.  This is the responsible use of man’s freedom whereby he shapes his/her future and the future of others, while in love with another.”    Fruitful & Responsible Love 1979  John Paul II


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  1. vvv says:

    Re: Your comment on the coming home blog.

    Seriously WH? Seriously????

    “The true ‘rub’ here is cultural, especially as it plays out under the guise of a morally undifferentiated pluralism” ????????

    No, the “rub” here is that you have a woman dying and the only way to save her is to abort the fetus that is doomed regardless of what is done. A woman who has four children and a husband at home, and quite possibly, a long life ahead of her.It’s a no-brainer really. Despite all your theoretical and ethical posturing.

    What would you do if this were your wife? The mother of your born children?

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