Hans Urs von Balthasar: On God Coming To Man

What is specifically aesthetic about revelation is Glory, what is utterly special about this encounter is that in contrast with other world religions which think of a divine ground; with Christianity, the divine ground approaches us totally and unexpectedly of its own accord.  And in this, it challenges us to face it.  Therefore, it cannot be spoken of as a truth or wisdom that can be taught.  What has been manifested is a light, a person, that cannot be bypassed, yet is invisible and is most adequately expressed in silence as fidelity.”  Theodrama Vol.1. 16.

“There is nothing ambiguous about what God has done for man.  It’s the task of salvation, which the Father has reconciled to Himself.”  Theodrama Vol. 1.18

“If God is to deal with man in an effective, convincing and intelligible way, is it not then necessary that God tread upon the world stage and by implication create the drama first waiting for man’s response?  Because of God’s initiative as an act upon man’s stage he inevitably awaits the participation of man.  The reality here is drama as an ontological ground, it is no mere metaphor.  What takes place for us/in us has already been decided.  The ‘for us’ cannot be separated from God’s Self as love.”  Theodrama vol.1. 19

“God has already acted in upon the World Stage.  The history of salvation as attested to throughout Jewish identity culminating at the Incarnation deposits an earnest only discovered and answered by faith alone.  The question becomes this:  will man participate in a response within that same drama?”  Theodrama Vol.1. 19


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