Mosque at Ground Zero!

Most Americans remain unaware of the plans for a Mosque just a few blocks away from the former World Trade Center.  My guess is that most Americans possess the strength of their convictions.  That strength will be on full display over the coming months as the cultural and political fallout arrive from this conceived project.

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Kuwaiti born Imam is the brainchild of this project.  He wishes to name the Mosque ‘Cordoba House’ in reference to the infamous Caliphate that once dominated Christian and Jews throughout Spain.  Make no mistake about the significance of the name.  ‘Nomen est Omen’ in latin is translated as ‘true to the name’.  Both this Kuwaiti and Islam are ascendant the world over.

The financial districts community board approved the project unanimously less than a week after the attempted Times Square bombing.  Daisy Kahn, the wife of the Kuwaiti runs the ‘American Society For Muslim Advancement’, she retorts that the center is one for interfaith activity.

Try that in Riyadh, Damascus, Islamabad or Teheran.

When will folks realize the flaccid state of liberalism and its claims of tolerance permitting license unbecoming a great Republic!  Should the Germans build a cultural center blocks from Auschwitz, or Japan a Shinto shrine within Pearl Harbor?  Discretion is simply not part of Mr. Rauf’s plan.  He knows how to play the great conceit of modern liberalism.

Rauf’s Cordoba initiative is to raise the $100 million required to purchase the property.  As of this writing, the Cordoba initiative has less than twenty thousand dollars in assets. Watch for the response of several Sovereign Wealth Funds throughout the Gulf region to begin financing.

The nature of Cordoba House remains unvetted.  Do they agree with our State Departments designation of Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations?  Do they agree that Israel has a right to exist?  What aspects of Sharia law do they repudiate?  Will the center invite Gay and Lesbian groups?  What influence will foreign funding have on its programs and literature?  How does Cordoba House think of tolerance?

The above noted questions have a place within the vetting process.  Some prominent Muslim groups have challenged Cordoba.  Zuhdi Jasser is President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.  He is a former U.S. Navy lieutenant commander and has publicly presided over such questioning in favor of liberty.  For Jasser and his Forum their is no compatibility between the West and Sharia Law.  If Cordoba is to be built and thrive it must acknowledge the primacy of American concepts of liberty and freedom.


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