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The Limits Of Westphalia: Reflections On The Demise & Awakening Of International Relations Post 9-11

It must have horrified the great Dr. Kissenger to publish a book immediately prior to September 11.  “Does America Need A Foreign Policy” was published the summer of 2001.  Reading it in light of September 11 proved hollow for so … Continue reading

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Alexander Solzhenitzen: American Renewal

Alexander Solzhenitzen’s Harvard lecture remains astonishing in its prophetic insight regarding the weaknesses of libertine philosophies in America .  He clearly could not have anticipated the Reagan Revolution.  A revisionist reading of that lecture is currently required in light of … Continue reading

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Adam Zagajewski Polish Poet

“Man’s personality, his freedom, possesses something untamed, mysterious, divine, unhistorical, undomesticated.  That something speaks quietly in art, in theology, and in the pursuit of truth in disciplines to numerous to name.  We in the West have forgotten that it is … Continue reading

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Hobbes: Recognizing Corrupt Power

Our Founding Fathers recognized the impending doom of France when it no longer embraced a political ethos informed from Christianity.  Instead, France fervently embraced an ideological abstraction of ‘man’ which favored the criminalizing of political differences. Madison was capable of … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou

Some years ago I saw Angela Maya give a commencement address at Marist College in New York.  I don’t remember the entire address, but I do remember one vivid sentence that struck me as prophetic.  For even though the Church … Continue reading

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Character Formation

Character cannot be summoned at the moment of crisis if it has been squandered by years of compromise and rationalization.  The only testing ground for the heroic is the mundane.  The only preparation for that one profound decision which can … Continue reading

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Freedom For Renewal

The quality of human freedom is conditioned by the ongoing influences of God, Prayer, the proper use of our personal constitution (our gifts), previous decisions and our sincerity (the capacity to be influenced by others.) We come to know God … Continue reading

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The Specificity of Christian Ethics

Tremendous ink has been spilled since the publication of Veritatis Splendor.  It is considered to be Pope John Paul II most elaborate thinking on theological categories concerning moral judgement, the development of conscience and a host of many other far … Continue reading

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Creighton University Center For Marriage Preparation

Even though there are canonical problems regarding faculty fidelity to the local Bishop, Creighton University established an Institute to study marriage and marriage preparation, it publishes its findings on its website. To summarize, their are five ‘C”s to successful marriage … Continue reading

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Statesman & The Gift Of Shaping The Future

Henry Kissenger once remarked that “great statesmen are distinguished less by their detailed knowledge than by their instinctive grasp of historical currents; by an ability to discern amidst the myriad of impressions that impinge on consciousness those most likely to … Continue reading

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