Creighton University Center For Marriage Preparation

Even though there are canonical problems regarding faculty fidelity to the local Bishop, Creighton University established an Institute to study marriage and marriage preparation, it publishes its findings on its website.

To summarize, their are five ‘C”s to successful marriage preparation.  They are as follows:  Communication, Commitment, Conflict-Resolution, Children and Church.  Please check out their published reports for extensive review of findings.

James Q. Wilson now at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C. wrote “The Marriage Problem” to convey how the West has moved away from viewing marriage as a religious covenant. Some excerpts here:

The Enlightenment has weakened marriage in that it has replaced a sacrament with a contract as an arrangement.  The enlightenment ethos of individualism has now degraded itself into radical autonomy creating conflicts which both the enlightenment itself nor its ethos can resolve.  The problem can be stated as follows:  how can women be introduced into the workplace (emancipated) without undermining the family, the bond of marriage or the status of children?  It seems that the enlightenment ethos has severed a natural complementary distinction in favor of narcissism.

The only way toward a peaceful resolution is to restore objective moral criteria into both our relations between spouses and a system of taxation in favor of women and children.


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