Maya Angelou

Some years ago I saw Angela Maya give a commencement address at Marist College in New York.  I don’t remember the entire address, but I do remember one vivid sentence that struck me as prophetic.  For even though the Church in her tradition preaches both insolubility of marriage, the insolubility between body and soul, and the nuptial relation between God’s creation and sacramental realism.  Still, anything can be corrupted by a disordered will or desire.  She spoke of the growth of young people who ‘with their telling silences, nervous babblings and arching awkwardness, speak volumes about the limits of sex as salve for a wounded world.”  Maya Angelou Commencement Address Marist.

“Mom tried to convey to her daughter that which seems liberating about passion and sex has consequences which can be oppressive and confining.”  Novelist Elie Bernstein.

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