William McNamara On Mystical Experience

In “The Human Adventure”, William McNamara reveals that mystical experience is more like a man learning to walk than a a man learning to fly.  An isolated peak experience is more like the periodic refreshment of a man’s vocation than like the processive daily task of man’s vocation.  Peak experiences are those occasional mountaintop views that encourage us to press on toward the end, to the mystery at the end of the journey, glimpsed and foreshadowed along the way.  The daily pressure of the Spirit, the persevering forward movement, the whole experience of life along the way, on the heights or in the hollows, this, and not the sporadic peak experience, is the essence of the mystical life.”

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2 Responses to William McNamara On Mystical Experience

  1. milkfever says:

    That’s given me goosebumps. I’ve been fumbling around in the depths of my mind for a way to express this. “…mystical experience is more like a man learning to walk than a man learning to fly.” So true. I’ve had the sensation of trying to break free of something or perhaps an old part of myself?. Of wanting to reach past myself and yet being forced (by some inner whispering fear?) to remain where I currently stand.
    Thank you for sharing. Much here to explore further…

  2. Viv says:

    We so easily explain away our peak experiences as being “just” something. We defraud ourselves too readily because we don’t wish to be credulous.
    I had a profound experience of peace during a working day, where I took my group to the abbey of Mont saint Michel(english kids on a french tour) and my arrival coincided with Mass(it was Mother’s day in France and also the fete day of Joan of Arc). Moved and emotional I moved on with the day, but it wasn’t until I looked at my photos on the ferry back to England that I saw something beyond explanation and beyond almost belief on one I took during the service. jesus on a tortilla is NOTHING on this picture. A figure is visible in the incense smoke….very clear. I shall publish it but I am trying to contact the abbey first. My experience was validated by what can only be described as a miraculous photo. Every one who has seen it has been totally freaked out.

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