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The Future Of China’s Trajectory

China’s current political dynamic as witnessed in the Premier’s directive regarding Constitutional reforms in Hong Kong is filled with political intrigue that can easily disrupt Beijing’s domestic status creating a vortex of instability whereby an unknown populist can gain political traction threatening … Continue reading

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The Hegemony Of Red China

China continues its expansionist hegemony as witnessed in its aggressive, forward moving posture to embrace significant naval ports (in Pakistan), natural resources in South America (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador), not to mention the dominance of China in Australian iron ore mines … Continue reading

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Oswald Spengler: The Decline of the West

Oswald Spengler’s ‘The Decline of the West’ was first released in its two volumes 87 years ago this June.  It embraced the Hegelian conviction that dominated so much of Dutch, German and Slavic idealism:  namely determinism.  Certainly the historic acclaim … Continue reading

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Reagan’s Dragqueen

Sarah Palin’s display of her republican credentials has vibrant historical antecedents in Washington, Cincinatus, Dante and Machiavelli.  All were stimulated by national elevation, two experienced public humiliation and withdrew to devise a strategy to gain traction against an enemy to … Continue reading

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Kosher Turkey In Gaza

For those who find the cultural and political matrix of the Middle East intractable, I ‘d like to put recent events in perspective regarding their trajectories. Most in the West refuse to admonish the political stasis and the social paralysis … Continue reading

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