Reagan’s Dragqueen

Sarah Palin’s display of her republican credentials has vibrant historical antecedents in Washington, Cincinatus, Dante and Machiavelli.  All were stimulated by national elevation, two experienced public humiliation and withdrew to devise a strategy to gain traction against an enemy to powerful to engage directly.

What makes Palin a good candidate for 2012?  In a word:  character!

Palin’s national defeat needs to be measured in light of the tectonic political shift that has occurred in the public’s outrage over the Socialist agenda the administration has pursued.  Palin’s political acumen was on full display as she took the appropriate measure of both herself and the republican party.  In that measure, she has struck out seeking to demonstrate an informed national repose befitting someone whose ambitions are not obvious.  She seeks a Reganite acclaim in answering/responding to contemporary republican decline.

Such a measure resonates with most of America..  Palin is displaying a political grasp of one primarily informed from Roosevelt and Reagan.  Both men demonstrated a mastery of populist outrage, both men embodied a Machiavellian grasp of both American enemies and the sacrifice required to vanquish the enemies of liberty.

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