Obama: Middle East & Iran

The recent international humiliation of Israel at the hands of Turkey and its proxies puts our policies, credibility and allies in dangerous jeopardy.   Our administration continues to act in a manner unfitting for a Superpower.  Consequences will continue to undermine any initiative to quell the region and without American resolve confronting the antagonists (Iran, Turkey), the entire region will consume our political efforts long underway in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

What should we expect from the Obama administration over the next several weeks?

My guess is that Obama will get tired of being the whipping boy and will eventually throw himself into the mix with disastrous consequences.

Without strong political resolve, this intractable region and its players can blunt even American tactical superiority.  What was required was an ability, a foresight to compel those responsible not to act.  By engaging the proxies of Turkey and Iran, we will become weakened.   Enemies will open multiple fronts, not to mention that American enemies will use domestic and foreign populations not State soldiers as they prod weakness in any forward moving posture we present.  This is extremely dangerous territory for any President.

Watch for Obama to continue embodying archaic leadership with Fascist instincts.  Remember, whenever anyone has a deficit of informing principals the result is pure calculation.  In order not to be understood, Obama will confound his enemies by appealing to violence while extolling the facade of both American interest and diplomacy.  Neither will produce sound victory!  Possessing neither political strategy nor superior tactical acumen makes any American effort hollow.  Our enemies understand this better than we do.

A capricious American hegemony is dangerous in its purely Nixonian ideal.  It will strike a resounding cord among those in the region known for measuring political strength.  Pursuing American interest from a forced position of weakness demonstrates to our enemies how naive and reckless America remains at the hands of our current administration.

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  1. Possessing neither political strategy nor superior tactical acumen makes any American effort hollow. Our enemies understand this better than we do.

    Yes, they do. And therein lies the danger.

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