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Creative Response Or Social Enormity: Michael Jackson, Iran & The Perils of Specialization

What do Michael Jackson and Iranian Theocracy have in common? Both degenerated into social enormities. When a creative person or institution by an act of memesis attempts to resolve a crisis, the once creative act eventually loses traction rendering both … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson: The Future Feminization Of Men

Its been almost one year since the tragic death of Michael Jackson, who died on June 25 2009.  A review of his life, his challenges, and his failure as an artist to come to grips, to gain traction on mortal … Continue reading

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Clausewitz vs. Sun-Tzu: Money Is A Weapon!

With the arrival of decentralized (personal) electronic media, fiat (paper) money is losing its worth as a store of value.  Contemporary markets have recognized that our devalued currency is being replaced by value in commodities. The internet has introduced a … Continue reading

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How To Choose A Financial Advisor

Large investment banks are hurting from both the lack of trust engendered from the bail out and the trend towards decentralization, especially regarding how individual investors no longer are dependent on large investment banks.  To chose a financial advisor, I’d … Continue reading

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