Clausewitz vs. Sun-Tzu: Money Is A Weapon!

With the arrival of decentralized (personal) electronic media, fiat (paper) money is losing its worth as a store of value.  Contemporary markets have recognized that our devalued currency is being replaced by value in commodities.

The internet has introduced a new inclusive relation between once surmountable institutions and individuals.  The balance of power now rests on informed individuals, not monolithic institutions.  The field of battle is now an inclusive iconic moving realm.  Please take notice that the human person (leadership) has not shifted to the margins in this contemporary field. With the arrival of the internet, and the instantaneous movement of information, objects of value (commodities) reside as the benchmark, not paper (fiat) money.

Our weapon of value is no longer dependent on a mediator!  This has profound social, psychological implications for both geopolitics and the Market.

Ever noticed how the finest leaders study war in preparation for conflict!

Clausewitz was hailed in the West as the premier author of the study of conflict or strategy.  Sun-Tzu was his equal for the Far East.  Many today think that Clausewitz has been eclipsed by his rival.  But Clausewitz maintained the primacy of political craft as the object of his concern. Because the West maintained spheres of autonomy within its culture it was able to craft responses to challenges that broke other civilizations.

Just how does Clausewitz or Sun-Tzu help us discern reality, competitors, or threats today, whether it be money, markets, or culture?

We are to look for and discern trends within relations!  Gone is the static worldview engendered from the industrial revolution and its monolithic appendages.

Our fluid inclusive world is dangerous when we fail to fix, renew or review the informing categories that allow individuals to judge accurately.

Dr. Craig Barrett is the world’s leader in nanotech, otherwise known as microstructure.  His understanding of future and immediate challenges to both innovation and American Statesmanship is indicative of the paradigm shift crippling monolithic institutions in a decentralized political economy.  He fears that the rise of individual electronic media and its displacement of intrenched institutions could be fatal for the United States.

Dr. Barrett thinks that American culture is in the grips of profound social change.  This is demonstrated in the rise of multinational corporations whose financial holdings are greater than most governments.  He personally believes that an erroneous view of such change can cripple the Unites States.

Dr. Craig Barrett has revealed that in our contemporary fluid inclusive field where primacy of contact resides with the individual has profound political implications.  For Dr. Barrett, anything or person can now achieve the status of an informed competitor.  That means government, culture or commodities itself overnight can assume the position of a rival.

Those that have studied the Peloponnesian War know what happens when change itself becomes a weapon, where any nation, culture or civilization criminalizes differences.  Simply put, our inclusive electronic media is heating up communicative exchanges.  A once peaceful relation is now red hot.

How are we to manage this new fluid reality?

First:  maintain our political heritage which has profound theological, moral reserves.  Second:  maintain the correct view of our paradigm shift placing the individual at the center!  This has profound implications for ethics.  Third:  pursue strategies that promote growth or die.  Fourth:  invest in hard times.  Fifth:  follow the business itself (that means the interior dynamics sustaining innovation) not Wall Street.  Sixth:  know the limitations of a consensus model when discerning judgement.  Seventh:  pray for good competitors!

Businesses, governments and individuals either gain traction in their ability to attend to moving trends or they die as witnessed today in unions, the death of newspapers (print media), the auto industry and a host of other entities whom believe that growth is purchased at the price of stability!

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