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Ralph Peters: Iran, Afghanistan & The Limits of Pax Americana

Ralph Peters remains one of the very few intellectual soldiers with a strong background in intelligence, the craft of counterinsurgency and the political, strategic insights regarding limits to Empire building as witnessed throughout any serious reading of history.  Peter’s insight … Continue reading

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Karol Wojtyla: The Challenge of the Enlightenment & The Death of Kant

The vast majority of Catholics simply do not understand a very serious truth about their own faith:  it fell to the Church to take up the challenge posed by the Enlightenment, namely, the nature, authority and scope of reason.  After … Continue reading

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The 1970’s

Tom Wolfe has chronicled the inward turn of most American’s during the 70’s in his essay ‘The Me Decade & The Third Great Awakening’.  When the 1960’s sexual revolution hit Main street in the 1970’s, families fell apart, divorces skyrocketed, … Continue reading

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