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Marian Wright Edelman: The Poverty of Secularism

Author of ‘Families in Peril:  An Agenda for Social Change’, Marian Wright Edelman gave a lecture at Harvard University recently, she contrasted the moral poverty that dominates contemporary American life. “The legacies my parents and church and teachers left to … Continue reading

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Toni Morrison Commencement Address: On Adulthood & The Limitations Of Desire

“I am sure you have been told that this is the best time of your life.  It may be.  But if it’s true that this is the best time of your life, then you have my condolences.  Because you’ll want … Continue reading

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Karol Wojtyla: Opening Statement as Pontiff

“To all people of today, I once again repeat the impassioned cry with which I began my pastoral ministry:  ‘Do not be afraid!  Open, indeed, open wide the doors to Christ.”  Open to his saving power the confines of States, … Continue reading

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Arnold Toynbee: Tribal, Communal, Ethnic Conflicts; Their Origin and Future Trajectory

Arnold Toynbee’s 12 volume study of the genesis, growth and breakdown of dozens of Civilizations is back in vogue with the demise of Marxism and the robust acclaim given to market based solutions in political economies across the world. He … Continue reading

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The Future Of American Prosperity

David Malpass has written extensively on anticipating future policy direction regarding strategy of how the United States ought to manage it debt burden with National Competitors (read China).  This is an extremely dangerous tract, fitting the demise of a great … Continue reading

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How The Federal Reserve Can Avoid The Next Bubble

The responsibility for this Nations current economic disaster resides squarely on the shoulders of the Federal Reserve.  ‘Boom & Bust Cycles’ are a monetary phenomena, which means that they are created and sustained by Fed policies.  Our contemporary crisis of … Continue reading

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