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Benny Avni: A Prostrate West, A Rising Militancy In Persia & A Look Into The Heart Of Islam

An old secret that western contemporary governments use in order to protect intelligence agents is to plant them as journalists; shielded by a Constitution gives them unimpeded range to explore, divulge and develop unattractive options to shape public opinion. Benny … Continue reading

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Debased Currencies & The Origins Of War

The United States continues to lose its standard of living primarily by debasing its currency.  Excessive taxation, excessive fiscal spending in Congress coupled with the intrinsic dangers of fiat (paper) money divorced from any extrinsic standard (read gold) provide the … Continue reading

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Manias & The Madness Of Crowds

It was Charles Mackay’s “Memoirs Of Extraordinary Popular Delusions & The Madness Of Crowds” published in 1841 which provided an intellectual earnest to meaningfully reflect on local and international manias, their lethal destructive capacity in destroying both individual lives and … Continue reading

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A Warning Regarding The Limits Of Technology In Warfare

Throughout Arnold Toynbee’s twelve volume reading ‘A Study of History’; he provides the reader with dozens of examples whereby a growing civilization possessed technical superiority both culturally and materially yet failed in its encounter with a less specialized intractable enemy. … Continue reading

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Frontier Life: Fredrick Jackson

“Significance of Frontier in American History” 1893 remains a classic for understanding the nuptial, fluid relation between geography, history and personality development.  Such a synoptic mindset originated with Thucydides and remained lost with the beginning of the Cold War and … Continue reading

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Why Study Ancient Greece Or Rome? The Significance Of Antiquity & The Collapse Of Empire

From the birth of Rome to Augustus’ final counterinsurgency program known as the Pax Romana, Rome had been at continuous war for over five hundred years.  The architecture of such a foreign policy was a maxim Augustus bequeathed to his … Continue reading

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