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Dorothy Rabinowitz & The Alien In The White House

Dorothy Rabinowitz resides as a ranking member of the Wall St. Journal Editorial Board, a most serious, collaborative and formidable group to ever write a newspaper.  Her article “The Alien In The White House” was written to quarry an extensive … Continue reading

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Eliot Cohen: Witnessing An American Decline

I am not an alarmist by nature, nor am I willing to subscribe to the currents that recycle academic circles regarding American decline.  Such Cassandra’s have been in vogue since Solzhenitsyn’s misplaced Harvard address some thirty years ago.  Nevertheless, Dr. … Continue reading

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Sharia Law: The Buttress of Jihad, Target America!

The American citizenry is aware that foreign enemies reside domestically.  This remains a formidable but not unmanageable problem for our legal system and courts.  The intractable, unmanageable problem is philosophical if a portion of our governing officials partake in the … Continue reading

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Autism: Heredity & Milieu

The National Scientific Council for the Developing Child is a Harvard based research group from top Universities around the United States whose mission is the study of emerging disorders within the child.  Anyone with a child whom possesses psychological or … Continue reading

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George Will: Afghanistan & American Engagement

I’ve been a fan of George Will for decades, even if he’s the consummate Washington insider deftly brilliant even when pronouncements are given absent any experience or executive command.  Those with both qualities have his ear; being well read with … Continue reading

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Karol Wojtyla: Status of Women & Conditions For Peace

“When women are able fully to share their gifts with the whole community, the very way in which society understands and organizes itself is improved and comes to reflect in a better way the substantial unity of the human family. … Continue reading

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