Autism: Heredity & Milieu

The National Scientific Council for the Developing Child is a Harvard based research group from top Universities around the United States whose mission is the study of emerging disorders within the child.  Anyone with a child whom possesses psychological or neuro-developmental disorders knows that the culture and temperament of the household is crucial for a child’s development.  This has profound social and economic policy implications for taxes, employment, school funding, even marriage preparation.

Parents have always known the social, financial and theological correlates that inform a loving home where children experience the stability they need to discover themselves.  Now the professionals are finally getting around to positively engage and affirm such correlates.  The National Scientific Council released last week:  “the realization that stresses experienced by parents can affect a child’s developing brain architecture and chemistry in a way that makes some children more susceptible to stress related disorders late in life.”  Asthma, diabetes, depression and a host of anxiety disorders, not to mention cognitive and neuro-developmental disorders are all incubated within the home.

How ought this to inform the gamut of federal policies that continuously barrage the American family?

We begin by decentralizing in our commitments abroad.  We simply take on too much throughout the day.  We must maintain sufficient rest so as to discern strategy for engaging a culture bent on self destruction.  Parents simply cannot pass baggage on to their children, burdening them to wade through a debris field engendered from parental failure.

If this study revealed anything, it revealed the absolute necessity that parents provide and embody the fundaments:  food, health, sanitation, civil order, routines, schools and the moral, social infrastructure intrinsically grounding sexual ethics:  a loving bond between spouses.

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