Dorothy Rabinowitz & The Alien In The White House

Dorothy Rabinowitz resides as a ranking member of the Wall St. Journal Editorial Board, a most serious, collaborative and formidable group to ever write a newspaper.  Her article “The Alien In The White House” was written to quarry an extensive response to several political and cultural tracts that seem to hamper our Executives resolve.

She delicately reveals that throughout most of our history Presidents not only understood, but easily proclaimed in tone and presence a quality of attention, attentiveness not easily affected by those unalloyed from America.  Our executives, residently shaped by their uniquely American experience as Governors or Congressman maintained an intuitive grasp of political craft deftly demonstrated in Roosevelt, Reagan, Johnson and Lincoln.  But the ‘deepening notes of disenchantment now echoing across the political spectrum’ are disturbing enough, but not for those critical of both leaders or our contemporary primary process whereby political protagonist’s emerge through the medium of television.

What Rabinowitz begins to reveal is how, amist his own Katrina our executive displayed an aloofness bordering on juvenile aristocracy.  “A great part of America now understands that this president’s sense of identification lies elsewhere, and in profound ways unlike theirs.”

A startling arrangement of reversals, given the president’s status not quite a year ago.

How did this happen?

Rabinowitz reveals that “at heart, and by instinct, his voice, his presence, his political craft is informed mainly from his ideological class.  He is an alien in the White House, a matter having nothing to do with birthplace.”  This has profound policy implications regarding assimilation and the choosing of an executive.  Both cultural tenants are hot topics today given how Mexico’s domestic drug policy has sustained a fluid border, not to mention November elections.

Rabinowitz continues that the White House maintains a ‘strangeness flowing steadily from the president’s appointees; transmitters of policy, go forth with singular passion week after week delivering the latest inversion’ of reality.  We’ve seen such ideological passion before; any ardent study of Marxism reveals the legion of clowns, ‘useful idiots’ as Stalin called them.  Even an exasperated Gorbechev refused to obey the nonsensical evasions of publicly burnished Soviet credentials in such doublespeak.  Not with the left, nor with those useful idiots whom own our academic establishments.

It is there influence that has shaped him.  “They account for his grand apology tour through the Capitals of Europe and the Muslim world, during which he decried the moral failures of America, her arrogance, her insensitivity .”  In a word: her false history to exceptionalism.  As Shelby Steele of the Hoover Institution has eloquently spoken, “they were words of a man to whom reasons of American guilt came easily.”

American’s are not at ease with a man eloquently rejoicing in such distant acclaim.  His distant relation to the country he is leading is becoming ever more clear.  We must wait until November to measure the public measure of such distance.

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