Sharia Law: The Buttress of Jihad, Target America!

The American citizenry is aware that foreign enemies reside domestically.  This remains a formidable but not unmanageable problem for our legal system and courts.  The intractable, unmanageable problem is philosophical if a portion of our governing officials partake in the political craft of spheres of interest embodied in traditional balance of power statecraft or the cultural belief grounding multiculturalism, namely relativism.  Both will weaken American interests, yet the domestic philosophic battle over the soul of America, its informing traditions, its memory of a Nation grounded in immutable moral law will be eradicated if not fiercely challenged or vanquished in November.

Most American’s understand the malleable definition of ‘jihad’ as dependent on an adherents striving to holiness in Islam.  In America and throughout Western Europe, Jihad is culturally demonstrated in the mission to spread, establish and force Sharia Law.  Witness the autonomy of Sharia Courts in England.  Our Founding Fathers understood the murderous  ideologies that plague civilizations.  They also had a firm grasp of the moral tenants of how Christian theology helped maintain one’s moral ground in discerning political craft.  Just read Federalist Paper forty-five and witness how analogously we may apply Madison’s admonishment toward Federalism in relation to the States and we gain insight into Madison’s thinking relative to autonomy, ideology, informed consent and the National aspects of assimilation.

Our multicultural, relativist, egalitarian officials will place or permit expressions of Sharia Law to usurp not only Christianity, but set legal and political precedents that render the Founders place of Christianity in constraining political passions ineffective as we engage Islam domestically.

For Islam, Sharia Law is a divine injunction, a necessary precondition to the creation of an Islamic society.  Make no mistake, the enemies of liberty desire to pursue strategies in creating a universal Caliphate.

In 1991, the U.S. chieftain for the Muslim Brotherhood, (its offshoot is Al Qaeda), Mohamed Akram penned a memo for its central leadership residing in Egypt.  Seized by the F.B.I., this memo gains us insight into the goals of initiating that universal Caliphate here in America.  Titled “Explanatory Memorandum on The General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”, is the game plan for cultural war against the West, beginning with America.  The memorandum ended:  ‘Allah is our objective, The Prophet is our Leader, The Koran is our Law, Jihad is our Way, Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”  For those who think American enemies are delusional, think again at how judicious their tenacious grasp is of our political, cultural weaknesses.

How are we to counter this quiet lethal engagement?  We must begin by fortifying our grasp of American exceptionalism, particularly its philosophical and theological foundation.  This is inseparable from grasping orthodox Christian theology, especially how such orthodoxy inform positive law, sexual ethics, education, labor negotiations, family relations, foreign policy.  In a word:  ethics and the moral foundations of the West have been hidden in the guise of radical autonomy.  We can’t succeed in this engagement unless we accept the limits to finite freedom.  This is not an imposition.  It is the perfection of freedom.  Without maintaining a synoptic, holistic approach we cannot defeat Islam.  This is a daunting challenge, but we have plenty of spiritual, moral and ethical resources to draw upon.

The game plan being executed against America is simple to understand:  target American Constitutional Democracy itself, begin by weakening the binding, informing moral, theological reserves that guide the Republic.

Our enemies are raising their third generation of operatives and sympathizers.  Their bottom-up strategy is to slipstream behind Islamic education centers, Mosques and community and intellectual centers.  (The Council on American Islamic Relation, The Islamic Society of North America, The Muslim American Society.)  Their name is legion and they are assisted by our political naivete.

Fascist Islam is allied with the hard left across the West.  Both are in essential harmony regarding their love affair with authoritarian governance and its immediate obstacle:  American Constitutional Democracy.

The Cold War and the rise of militant nationalism’s of Communism, Fascism, even Totalitarianism were all native responses to cultural failures in resisting modernity.  The battle with Islam has profound historical antecedents which I will explore throughout this blog.  Nevertheless, the global Islamist project has begin, we ignore it at our own peril.

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