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The Causes Of State Terror: 1789, Russia, Rawanda, The Vatican & American Exceptionalism

The ‘Reign of Terror’ that culminated in the French Revolution (1789), the Russian ‘Red Terror’ of Lenin and Stalin, African genocide in Rawanda, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, and legions of other rulers have embraced violence for political ends.  Where was … Continue reading

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Today’s Science In Search Of Profit: The Great Betrayal

This blog has posted numerous essays on the social impact that both Federal Reserve monetary policies and Congressional, Judicial social policies have had on the American liberty.  This post will examine how both contemporary Universities and private research have abandoned … Continue reading

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The Dominion Of The Dead: Communion & Its Effects On Architecture

How do the living maintain relations with the dead?  What is at stake when we engage in either personal or social communion?  Do only poets recognize the continuing influence of the dead? Human institutions are founded on places sacred to … Continue reading

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Lawrence Kaplan

“The sleep of reason breeds monsters.”                                                                     … Continue reading

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The American Founders On Monetary Policy

Hamilton was trusted enough by Washington to be given the responsibility of securing timely payment of creditors who had financed the Revolutionary War.  The founders understood the need to be solvent in their nascent undertaking of beginning this great Republic. … Continue reading

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The Motivation of John Paul II

Throughout his Papacy John Paul II had the conviction that the Church must play the central role in assisting how to discern true from false freedom.  As a trained moral theologian, Karol Wojtyla understood the demands of reason in modernity, … Continue reading

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Stanley McChrystal: Stay On

The public flap over General McChrystal’s magazine interview where he made disparaging comments over both the White House Staff and President Obama conceals more than it reveals. Any arduous review of McChrystal’s performance throughout this political gaffe reveals a portrait … Continue reading

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