Stanley McChrystal: Stay On

The public flap over General McChrystal’s magazine interview where he made disparaging comments over both the White House Staff and President Obama conceals more than it reveals.

Any arduous review of McChrystal’s performance throughout this political gaffe reveals a portrait of a no-nonsense soldier dedicated to his men and the American interest in Afghanistan.  By such passionate remarks regarding his dislike of Obama’s lethargy regarding the Afghan surge, McChrystal has drawn out a weak President, and in doing so will perform an invaluable public service as the American public weighs in the scale regarding the performance of both McChrystal and Obama. Watch for a White House to maintain a paralyzing posture as it engages a beloved McChrystal, an ambivalent public anguished over an intractable Afghan opponent and poll driven White House aides in need of a whipping boy.  The White House will not manage such a confluence of political pressure well.

The American public is sophisticated enough to understand the political dimensions and consequences of this matter.  Watch how such acumen staggers the White House.

How should Obama behave?  Simple:  unify his command by a Reaganite grasp of the political dimensions of this gaffe.  Publicly demonstrate his need for such an open soldier as McChrystal; for a politically deft Obama must understand how a tragic response will play out in Afghanistan.

McChrystal has performed marvelously; can Obama grasp the political dimensions of McChrystal?

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