Today’s Science In Search Of Profit: The Great Betrayal

This blog has posted numerous essays on the social impact that both Federal Reserve monetary policies and Congressional, Judicial social policies have had on the American liberty.  This post will examine how both contemporary Universities and private research have abandoned their original vocation as embodied in Galileo, Bacon, Copernicus and Newton.

The commercial exploitation of science in American Universities has engendered perverted results.  The overriding financial interests that operate in biomedical research prompt decisions and products which are contrary to both true human values and the demands of justice.

The preeminence of profit rather than the eradication of poverty has deprived science of its epistemological character, according to which its primary goal is the discovery of truth.  The risk is that when research takes a utilitarian turn in its speculative dimensions, which is the inner dynamic of man’s intellectual journey, both discipline and personhood are deprived.

Universities have become instruments of wealth divorced from true demands of social justice.  In so doing, they work against the pubic interest.  They have sacrificed their greater social responsibilities to accommodate a new purpose, the privatization of knowledge.  The current trend is a profound perversion of a capitalist ethic.  Nevertheless, science has long been ripe for renewal of its theological character.

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