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Pre-Islamic Origins Of Islam

For decades culminating in the early 1990’s several European intellectuals who reside exclusively at the University of London, the Warburgh Institute and Cambridge University have written extensively on the pre-islamic origins of Islam.  Their texts are extremely well documented tracts … Continue reading

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How Ancient Greco-Romans Viewed Transcendence

Plato not only revered the arts but also feared them with equal regard for the tenacity to both pursue and persuade.  It remained for him alone to find and hold the defining view of transcendence until the arrival of the … Continue reading

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Why We Need A Magisterium

To resolve irreconcilable points of interest within various cultures requires an adherence to a Tradition that speaks to and conforms the inviolability of conscience.  This is the mandate, grounded in nature, embodied in liberty, for the need for authority. Many … Continue reading

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The Domestic Challenge Facing The West

Just what exactly is a culture war? It’s about competing forms of authority, and how they inform and shape human freedom. Today that war is waged within the once sacred, confined domain of the family, sexual ethics, law, technology, even … Continue reading

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Islamic Fundamentalist Terror, Revolutionary Powers: Agents Of Violent Change

Are there historical antecedents to the rise of Islamo-fascism?  What can we quarry from authors struggling to maintain an even gaze on such political violence?  How do they shape both our ability to perceive enemies and our response to such … Continue reading

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