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The Perils of Specialization: How To Recognize Failed Management In An Age of Abundant Change

The rate, depth and pace of social change remains manageable for those who train their perception to find trends and exploit advantages of prescient knowledge developed in prudence.  This post will explore the general characteristic that fortifies an expectation of … Continue reading

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King Tut: Albany & A Dead Legislative Priesthood

King Tut’s arrival to New York City has brought unfavorable analogies to light regarding the status of those who seek power in a revolutionary age.  The priestly class of Amun-Ra usurped power over the throne in murdering King Tut, for … Continue reading

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How To Discern Gay Marriage

According to many State laws one has a right to marry; more properly understood as a dispensation given from the State for the purpose of fulfilling one’s humanity.  The language of such courts is very significant, for it reduces the … Continue reading

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