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Human Freedom, Weak Identities: The Criteria For Tragic Flaws

Aristotle arrived at a very influential definition of tragedy:  ”the imitation of an action that is serious and complete, achieving a catharsis through incidents arousing pity and terror”. Aristotle also observed that the protagonist is led into a fatal calamity … Continue reading

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Hitler & Somerset Maugham: The Secret Lives of Artists

Some years ago the Museum of Fine Art in Boston displayed Adolf Hitler’s personal artwork.  I decided to go only to finally resolve an intractable personal dilemma that I simply found unbearable: can evil portray anything lasting?  What is the … Continue reading

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The Demise Of The Black Family: Revisited

Recently I was asked by WMHT in Schenectady New York to participate on the forty-five year anniversary of Patrick Moynihan’s “The Negro Family:  A Case For National Action”.  Much ink has been spilled on the policy impact that Moynihan’s ‘Report’ … Continue reading

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Fascist Islam: History & Prospects

Although Malise Ruthven is credited with coining the term ‘Islamofascism’ while writing for the British Independent in 1990, the term was coined by Maxine Rodinson.  Nevertheless, we have throughout the west a vast intellectual reserve providing antecedents for us to … Continue reading

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The Promise Of Secular Life: Dystopic Mania For A Shapeless Freedom

Most Catholics can remember when Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) began criticizing the foundations of our capitalist ethic in admonishing the wests embrace of materialism.  He challenged us to become more by having less.  As a poet he understood the … Continue reading

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