Benny Avni: Egyptian Warning

The news is out regarding the terminal status of Mubarak’s stomach cancer with grave political consequences for the region, especially regarding the weakness of American administration and the regions penchant for Islamic terrorism.  With the recent bombing of Uganda, the intangible tribal vortex that is East Africa remains our primary focus.

The United States keeps about 2,000 personnel in its Horn of Africa (HoA), nominally titled CJTF-HOA (The Combined Joint Task Force – Horn Of Africa) division is currently beefing up both its commanding presence and its tactical reach throughout northeastern Africa, specifically where Somalian Piracy routs come into frequent contact with Sudanese and Yemen terrorists.  All are watching the Mubarak episode for what it is: a timetable to exploit a western ally.

Benny Avni has performed well in documenting that although Mubarak both spills and permits anti-semetic demonstrations throughout Egypt, behind the scenes maneuvering with Israel remains both constant, supportive and personal.

CJTF-HOA must maintain reliable intelligence in monitoring and engaging Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, its a rising militant voice in an already unstable region.  Here’s the rub:  Egypt is the most populous Arab country with the strongest Arab military.  Any coup by Islamists is simply catastrophic.

We now have a delicate moment where Egyptian future remains in the hands of fortune.

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