Benny Avni: Israel Hitting Iran, The Contemporary Signs

For over two years Israel has been preparing its armed forces to attack the Iranian nuclear program, but only those who monitor and have the honored trust of both political and military officials discern the hidden movements of the Israeli forces as they prepare to hit the Iranians.

The contemporary signs are not difficult for those who possess insight to discern movement.  The Israeli’s began during the summer of 2008 in mock flight scenarios between Israel and Greece.  Now comes the public recognition from both the Joint Chief of Staff Dr. Mike Mullen that Israel has been secretly training in Romania.

Why Romania?

The Carpathian Mountains have identical terrain resembling the ridges where Iran’s nuclear facilities are secretly operating.  Last week, the Israeli journalist and spymaster Benny Avni reported that six remains of Israeli airmen were killed last Monday in a helicopter accident during search and rescue drills in Romania.

The Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak has been in continuous low profile talks with U.S. Secretary of Defense Gates, not to mention that the Israeli’s have for years now secretly managing their respective relations with Arab leaders who are privately acknowledging their fear of Persian influence.  Israel has been informed that most Gulf sheiks along with the House of Saud will look the other way if Israel begins war with Iran.  Even Yussef al-Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to Washington exclaimed in a public lecture at the Aspen Institute that Israeli ought to hit Iran.

Absent strong leadership from the Obama administration, the world is beginning to show  its fear from American absence. Ironically, Avni has repeatedly stated that Israel alone cannot stop Iran.  Their are many voices throughout the United States, from Reuel marc Gerecht, to Mike Mullen and Abdul Rahman (general manager for Al Arabiya TV) have all stated the required means to stop Iran is a united Western diplomatic and military front.

Anything short will not work long term.

Get ready for the hit in October 2010!

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  1. I wish I were 20 years younger I would go again (under arms) with or beside Israel! You bet ya!

  2. Yes, and I’d be along with you. By the way, I’m in the middle of my essay on a critique of Eastern Orthodoxy, its running about 8 pages now LOL, I believe it will be a great read for someone as formidable as yourself. I do hope you can be patient with me on this matter, I don’t want to publish anything on the internet that is not ‘up to standard’. I am approaching this subject theologically, but in a manner and frame of reference that is new. I hope you can wait a bit longer.

  3. Take ya time William, I am looking forward to it! And your always “up to standard” mate. Your historical knowledge and range is profound!

    Indeed peace,
    Fr. Robert

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