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How To Recognize The Purpose Of Education

William Master Cory the 19th century Master of Eton surmised the purpose of education when he wrote:  “Education is not so much a process whereby one acquires knowledge as it is a process of making mental efforts under criticism.  A … Continue reading

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Renumbering Of The Commandments & Origin Of Protestant Reformation

Most people who are educated have a brief understanding of how the Protestant Reformation began in England under Henry VIII inability to get a divorce (an annulment) from Rome absolving him from marrying his Fathers bride.  The vast majority of … Continue reading

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The Origin Of How ‘Apple’ Became Associated With Evil In Genesis

Many theologians simply don’t understand anything outside a rigid historicism.  Leo Strauss lambasted such a methodology in ‘Natural Right & History’.  I’ve never stopped being amazed at the lack of a broad liberal arts education grounding either Seminaries or institutes … Continue reading

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Sun Tzu: A Critique Of Flaws In Chapter One ‘Laying Plans’

Sun Tzu is the greatest military commander the Orient ever produced.  Reading his texts over the years has increased my admiration for him and his success.  But he is not infallible.  The United States Marine Corps in building on British … Continue reading

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A Women Of Many Lovers: Scandalous Life Of Jane Digby

I suppose it runs in families.  The many and various lovers of Jane Digby was on display in March of 2010 with the death of Winston Churchill (great grandson).  The great british biographer Mary S. Lovell has written a very … Continue reading

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Marshall McLuhan: The Perils Of Paper Currency

No one has the ingenuity of understanding the complex topic of money better than Marshall McLuhan.  He surpasses even Allan Greenspan and most certainly Niall Fergson’s boring historical book on the history of money.  Neither person has grasped the dynamics … Continue reading

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Cyril Northcote Parkinson: A Guru For Financial Goverance

Very few writers ever acclaim the status of Cyril Northcote Parkinson.  Born in 1909 and died in 1993, he befriended most of the great literary and military persons of the British Empire, wrote both Naval and Political treaties that remain … Continue reading

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What Informes Obama’s Foreign Policy Strategy? A Look At The Dangers Of Idealist Rulers

Its not difficult to understand what informs the current Obama administration as it seeks to discover the ‘field of intelligibility’ in foreign affairs.  Obama see’s statecraft as a zero sum game.  He’s viewing the craft of power relations in a … Continue reading

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Future Demise of Chinese Economy

I have written on the topic of the Chinese economy many times only to be validated by history soon thereafter!  Its simple:  the coming fracture in Chinese society will occur along racial, ethnic lines.  China was never MONOLITHIC!  This is … Continue reading

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