How To Recognize The Purpose Of Education

William Master Cory the 19th century Master of Eton surmised the purpose of education when he wrote:  “Education is not so much a process whereby one acquires knowledge as it is a process of making mental efforts under criticism.  A certain amount of knowledge can indeed, with average faculties be acquired so as to retain for the purpose of defeating ignorance.  Nor you need regret the hours spent on much that is forgotten, for the shadow of lost knowledge at least protects you from illusions.  But you go to a great school not so much for knowledge, as for arts & habits; for the art of expression, for the art of entering quickly into another persons thoughts, for the art of assuming at a moments notice a new intellectual position, for the habit of submitting to censure and refutation, for the art of indicating assent or dissent in graduated terms, for the habit of working out what is possible in a given time, for taste, for discrimination, for mental courage & soberness.”


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