Hugo Chavez Exhumes Simon Bolivar in Venezuela

Anyone with a great education has read Leo Strauss’ ‘Natural Right & History’.  It is the premier text to excoriate anyone who either firmly believes or applies a rigid ‘historicism’.  Throughout the opening first chapter Strauss was formidable enough to understand the pre-socratic influence dominating so much German and Slavic idealism that he quickly cut down to size the reigning influence of philosophic idealism that it frankly has never recovered.  This is extremely insightful for either Protestant evangelical preachers, struggling Islamic partisans, archeologists and lovers of Nietzche, for Strauss wrecks havoc on those who falsely believe that a historical premise can act as a guiding foundation unaltered in its original form throughout time.  This is similar to the ‘stasis’ that provided the ferocity among Greeks that spilled to become the Peloponnesian War.  It is also the false idol that trapped Akhenaten, not to mention the Nazi general Himmler who maintained a cult of similar fashion.  All were tied to the false premise that history is cyclical.  This is not a Judeo-Christian view of time or cosmology.  It is purely archaic and its danger rests in how it implements violence to either achieve or preserve a dominant status quo.

Enter Hugo Chavez who exhumed the long dead Simon Bolivar for purposes of claiming a divine right to exercise tyranny over his people.  This is gruesome anthropology disguising political craft!

How can one make sense of this?

A letter from William Henry Harrison (a future American President) who was residing as U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela at the time of Simon Bolivar’s failed Gran Colombian Federation that combined Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador gives a glimpse of how to view Chavez.  He wrote that Simon Bolivar’s revolution against Spain was a power grab, he wrote that the failed Federation was “under the mask of patriotism and attachment to liberty, that Bolivar has really prepared and consolidated the means of investing himself with arbitrary power.”

Simon Bolivar was no Washington.  Any further study of political revolutions throughout Central and South America make the American Founding look exceptional.

Nevertheless, Hugo Chavez had the corpse of Simon Bolivar exhumed for dramatic political purposes.  He remains a deadly megalomaniac with political and military ties to Iran’s wicked theocracy.  Make no mistake, Chavez deeply wishes to see war between Monroe and Bolivar.  Monroe refers to James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States who preserved the freedom and liberty of Central and South America.  No other President thought in terms of self determination like Monroe and his challenges to the Monarchs of Europe who still nurtured colonial and imperialist ambitions after souring defeats.

Chavez is a revolutionary who would understand nothing of real history!  For those interested in a great read on this very topic from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s best friend, then read Robert Conquest’s ‘Reflections On A Ravaged Century’.

Nevertheless, the Marxian revolutionary ethos that still dominates most nations in South America is dangerously aligned with a near nuclear Iran.  Chavez harbors real psychoic and disabling neurotic tendencies that make him very unstable.  This latest attempt at exhuming Bolivar for necro-erotic drama is unbecoming a serious political statesman.

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