The Center Of Gravity For Turkey

The term ‘center of gravity’ is now a Cartesian term used as exclusive informed jargon for specialists in the field of international relations.  It began during the Clinton administration and is still used today to seek the criteria of intelligibility that informs the vortex of power in a region unaligned to the West.

The ‘center of gravity’ for Turkey is changing drastically and fast.  Once a firm western ally, it has now turned coat after witnessing the rise of Persia to thwart and challenge the Pax Americana.  This was not going to happen with a strong American Executive.  This fact eluded the Nobel committee!  We need plan ‘B’ for Turkey quick for it is quickly placing itself outside American orbit.  There are plenty of radical players seeks to tear Turkey from American grasp.  Its ours to lose.

Turkey’s recent appointment of the 42 year old Hakan Pidan is unique.  A graduate from the University of Maryland he brokered the recent nuclear deal between Iran and Turkey.  He shares daily intelligence with Iran and is alarmingly viewed with great caution in Turkish circles as a possible Islamic turncoat.  He’s in a unique position to understand both Turkey’s past as an American ally and the future alignment of Turkey outside Washington.  We must be very careful how we provide both missile defense and future Joint Striker Fighters if this so called ally seeks to align itself outside American interests.

Remember, the Chinese work for CRISIS is two words combined:  DANGER & OPPORTUNITY.  We ought to know when Turkey no longer has American interests at hand.  The moment may come sooner than most think!

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