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The Soft Underbelly Of The Afghan War

Everyone remembers Eisenhower’s admonition to Kennedy that ‘he ought to be careful of the industrial military complex.’  Most misunderstood this reply indicative of ideological bias, but a good reading of how an industrial command economy works gives credence to much … Continue reading

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Why A Gold Standard Will Damage An American Recovery

I do think that most readers if given the chance to think for themselves regarding macro-economic policy perform better than the specialists who dominate the Federal Reserve or Treasury Department.  It reminds me of how William F. Buckley exclaimed that … Continue reading

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A Recession? No. A Fundamental Shift In The Nature Of The U.S. Economy

The social and political impact of new emerging technology is always disruption and acceleration. Those institutions that are intractable are swept away unable to divine a way forward.  We are witnessing this very impact in the United States today. The … Continue reading

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Microsoft The Idolization Of Ephemeral Institution & Nemesis Of Creativity

Throughout his 12 volume study of the rise and decline of civilizations, Arnold Toynbee spent considerable time revealing examples whereby either governments, tribal chiefs, Church’s, political leaders or companies become intractable monolithic institutions both unable and unwilling to anticipate the … Continue reading

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Why England Succeeded In Possessing An Enlightened Economic Model Over Other Western Monarchies

Imprimus.  Latin for ‘ideas have consequences.’ For anyone who studied at University after circa 1985, you missed the greatest education curriculum ever produced since antiquity, namely the trivium and quatrivium.  Within either the trivium or quatrivium, if you studied any … Continue reading

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Escape From Freedom

Their remain very few writers whom understood the perils of Totalitarian life and its psychological consequences better than Orwell, Tocqueville, Huxley, Pope John aPaul II, Raymond Aron, Churchill or Frankl.  All have written extensively on pursuing lines of thought critical … Continue reading

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A Defeated Currency & China Today

Most folks are just working to hard to reflect on the value of their currency.  Perhaps most only reflect on its value regarding purchasing power relative to food and clothes, a decent enough analogue indeed yet primarily historically ineffective.  Unless … Continue reading

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