Escape From Freedom

Their remain very few writers whom understood the perils of Totalitarian life and its psychological consequences better than Orwell, Tocqueville, Huxley, Pope John aPaul II, Raymond Aron, Churchill or Frankl.  All have written extensively on pursuing lines of thought critical of a dystopic future.  All have witnessed the slow willing irrevocable decline of human freedom, pursued under the righteous guise of nationalism or patriotism.

Perhaps only Eric Voegelin remained capable of exposing the fraudulent claims that totalitarian revolutionary leaders propagated as progress.  Voegelin was sophisticated enough to surmise the unhoused theology that granted the appeal to unity throughout the German Reich.

Nevertheless, it fell to men like Erik Erikson, Victor Frankl and not least of all Erich Fromm who wrote ‘Escape From Freedom’ to quarry the drive, the human need to willingly give up one’s liberty and freedom in an appeal for national unity.

Fromm wrote “if humanity cannot live with the dangers and responsibilities inherent in freedom, it will probably turn to authoritarian regimes.”

Originally written in 1941, Fromm’s ‘Escape From Freedom’ throws light upon the political and masked theological ideals that shape modern society.

No other writer other than Raymond Aron exposed the deft feeling among both intellectuals and policy leaders throughout the west, that man was no longer capable of discerning and managing his future.  The entire corpus of Fydor Dostoevsky and Karol Wojtyla explore the sources of hope (and they remain theological) in the West that must be attended to if man is to have a future.

Erich Fromm explores both why men willingly give up their freedom and liberty and the types of men who happily do so.  For ‘if the rise of democracy set some people free, at the same time it gave birth to a society in which the individual feels extreme alienation, dehumanized at becoming the mere adjunct to the capitalist function of production and consumption.

No one ought to be surprised to discover the theological foundation grounding astute psychological and political conditions.

Erich Fromm exposes a very compelling challenge to any modern reader who wishes to glimpse the future promise that Islam provides for so many urbanized youths throughout the United States and Europe.

An ideological agenda enslaving man masking liberty as aggrieved dignity!

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