U.S. Getting Played Throughout Central Asia, Near East & South America

Let’s face it, Washington needs to adjust to new realities on the ground in Lebanon, Afghanistan and throughout Central and South America, especially regarding the foreign policy achievements of Iran and its ability to wage lethal small engagements with American allies, weakening us, our commitment to allies, all while strengthening Iran and its regional goal for dominance.

The United States sends money to Lebanon, yet it continues to be weakened by Syrian proxy agents that continue to infiltrate Lebanese governance.  The U.N. is hapless in the region, unable and unwilling to chose sides. It still holds on to the modernist definition of ‘neutrality’ in fervently adhering to non-partisanship concerning Lebanon.  Yet Syria takes the long view and maintains a lethal political grip over  the Lebanese army.  Last week’s sniper shooting of a high ranking Israeli official tells where the fault lines of the region are tacking.  Lebanon remains the central fault throughout the Near East, for whomever holds the far eastern corridor of this Roman lake controls much throughout the Near East even Persia.  The reason is Shiite ideology and how they view themselves.

The Persian dominance of militant ideologically hardened Shiite militias throughout Syria, Lebanon and Gaza reveal the mind of an upstart Persian influence that religiously believes its own propaganda about the inevitable eschatology between Israel and Iran.

Two pro-Hezbollah Lebanese snipers gunned down an Israeli official 400 yards into Israeli territory last week.  That’s not a mistake!  Benny Avni has revealed that high ranking Israeli officials showed him ariel photographs of the attack.  Syria is quietly reasserting control of Lebanon.  Shooting across a national border 400 yards away by snipers is no accidental death.  Avni has reported that Israeli’s believe that the Shiite Lebanese General in command of this region identifies ideologically with Hezbollah’s goals and was eager to impress his superiors by initiating this reckless adventure.

The Cedar Revolution was a spectacle in Syrian eyes, worthy of contempt.  Syrian political officers with ties to Hezbollah are seeking control over Lebanon.  They have begun by infiltrating the Lebanese Army with Shiites.

What is America doing?  We’re sitting on our hands!

Iran continues to gain influence in Nicaragua, Cuba, Angola, Nigeria, Paraguay, Bolivia, and western regional Brazil including Colombia where it has already grasped the financial significance of drug trafficking.

Persian influence will not stop unless it is checked outright by American firepower, but the Obama administration seems not to have either the stomach, interest or credibility to confront Iranian meddling in its own region.  American interest must be maintained regardless of public sentiment about war.  A strong Executive must shape political opinion!

Our American President is permitting fault lines throughout the Near East to expand at American interest, we either confront them or permit them to expand northwards to a Mexican citadel already burdened with nacro-terrorism.

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