Geostrategic Consequences For Pakistan’s Epic Flood

Most people who live in first world countries are sheltered from consequences regarding nature, save possible hurricanes and tornadoes, which still leaves the vast majority of westerners unable to image how fragile life is outside the west.  Witnessing the latest humanitarian disaster in Pakistan ought to give policy makers in Washington and the American Republic renewed effort in our AfPak policy, for both the Jihadists and various well endowed Islamic charities are renewing propaganda efforts aiming to discredit American presence in the region.

Vice Admiral Michael LeFever was solely responsible for the American relief effort for the 2005 AfPak earthquake which required extensive military equipment that Pakistan needed for effective response.  The political and social impact of American response is immeasurable, especially when you consider the types of people most deeply affected by this natural disaster.  The consequences of the floods and the response will be felt long term; both American and Pakistani policy/response must be equal to the magnitude of the flooding.

Nothing can relieve AfPak political leaders of their obligations to adopt pro-growth social, economic policies and combat jihadists their predecessors once encouraged. American foresight regarding our impact in this region must weigh heavily on policy makers in Washington.

For this regions long term stability, American resolve, commitment and resources must carry the strategic insight and fortitude that our presence in Central Asia is for the intrinsic good of the region.

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