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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger & The Strategy Of Enveloping Secularism

The ancient Christian writer Tertullian rhetorically asked “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem”?  The entire corpus of Christian humanism can be balanced on a critique of this one very divisive question.  Athens stands for reason, Jerusalem for faith. As … Continue reading

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Najam Sethi: The AfPak Theatre

Najam Sethi is the editor in chief of the Friday Times and Dunya TV in Lahore Pakistan.  He has written a prescient essay articulating how the United States ought to develop a grand strategy in dealing with both Pakistan and … Continue reading

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The Immediate Demise Of The Euro

Desmond Lachman is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a formidable Think Tank in Washington D.C.  He has recently given a lecture espousing the immediate unraveling and collapse of the Euro.  Enclosed here are the fine points of … Continue reading

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Victor David Hason: How To Defeat China

Those that regularly read this blog are informed about the rise of Communist China, I have written extensively on this topic mostly from the standpoint that China is a competitor that must be confronted in its expansionist aims.  The famed … Continue reading

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Carl Jung: On Finding The Key To His Life’s Work

Carl Jung was 37 years old when by most accounts he lost his soul.  As psychological historian Sonu Shamdasani explained in an interview with the Wall St. Journal recently, Jung had reached a point in 1912 when he’d achieved all … Continue reading

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Martin Kramer & The Failings Of The Pax Americana

Martin Kramer is an authority on political governance throughout the Near East, he has written an interesting essay contrasting contemporary liberal Neo-Marxian view of hegemony with realism in the Tablet. “In the Middle East, power is a zero sum game, … Continue reading

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AfPak COIN Review

Kim R. Holmes is former assistant secretary of State and is currently Vice President of The Heritage Foundation, a wealthy Conservative Think Tank in Washington D.C. Recently, Dr. Holmes gave an interview where he criticized the U.S. role in our … Continue reading

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Rufus Phillips: COIN Doctrine

Rufus Phillips served in the CIA and US Agency For International Development in Vietnam from 1954-1968.  He is considered an authority on counterinsurgency doctrine (COIN), his recent analysis on how different government agencies can work at cross purposes in a … Continue reading

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Mamuel Ayau: Champion Of Liberty

Very few people ever get to see their most ardent desires realized.  Manuel Ayau was fortunate to see most. Laid to rest in a Greek Orthodox Monastery that now houses his family crypt, this little known man is the strength … Continue reading

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New York State Of Mind

The recent uproar over the Tea Party movement regarding their sweep in Primaries is especially fitting given both the rage over a stagnant economy and decentralized media that permits every person to become a ‘center’.  Anyone who has read Marshall … Continue reading

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