The Israeli Grand Strategy

Most foreign policy experts, analyst’s and correspondents are formidable enough to recognize the limits of an American entreaty regarding Mid-East Peace, however, American & Western media have ignored the single most significant political impact of this story: DOMESTIC ISRAELI POLITICAL CONSENSUS TO END THE PEACE PROCESS.

Most new & media outlets are not properly informed regarding the domestic political consensus that has driven the Israeli’s to accept the Obama administrations call to rejoin the status of ‘talks’. I do believe we will witness a complete total reversal of the American administration, especially regarding Obama’s poll numbers. The ISRAELI’S  WANT THIS PEACE PROCESS OVER AND ARE WILLING TO ENGAGE AND MAKE TREATY WITH ABBA’S. But the real story will be the impact of such policy on the Arab militias that politically reign both the West Bank and Lebanon.

Has anybody divined the grand strategy of the Israeli’s? Watch for them to break history in wrapping up dealings with the Palestinians only to engage Persia. Our proxies are out front doing what America ought to do!

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