Mexico: A Narco State Infiltrated By Iranian Proxies

Robert C. Bonner is the senior principal at the Sentinel HS Group, a homeland security focused strategic consulting firm.  Mr. Bonner was with the Drug Enforcement Agency Administration for several years along with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  He delivered an interesting address to ‘Foreign Affairs’ in August, he writes of how American enemies in militant Islam are already on the move toward Mexico.

Only a very few intelligence officials in the United States can stomach the truth that Iranian proxies (Hamas, Islamic Jihad) are dominating the drug trade throughout South and Central America.  The contemporary domestic problem that Mexico has in engaging  Drug cartels is reminiscent of the success Columbia has had in fixing its own political culture with drastic international consequences for America.

It has recently been reported that ‘Mexico is a failed state!’  But people like Robert Bonner and others know otherwise.

In his address to Foreign Affairs in August, Bonner revealed that is Mexico is to have a secure future, if it is to exploit its own geographic advantage, if it is to reach its own economic and political potential it must confront and eliminate the Drug Cartels restore security and end the culture of impunity.

The recent rise of atrocities is designed to intimidate the government, the media and by extension the public at large.  If the Drug Cartel is treated like a counterinsurgency, the recent rise of public beheading and atrocities is viewed as good news in that the government is winning.

This is what Mr. Bonner said, “the U.S. and the Mexican government should know that if they do not succeed in ridding their country of a ruthless criminal underclass, it will be dominated by them.”

A Mexican narco State is just what Iran has in mind.  No one should be surprised to know that Islamic nations throughout Central Asian and Iran profit from drug trafficking.  They are selling weapons, communications and intelligence to Cartels in South and Central America.

Taking a cue from Columbian success, Mexico understands its problem to be cultural, for to dismantle large criminal organizations requires capable law enforcement and a judiciary that acts with integrity.  The recent firing of more than 3000 Mexican federal police is a good sign of improvement.

Mr. Bonner laid out the steps of treating Mexican drug Cartel’s like an Islamic insurgency:

  1. Identify and attack the vulnerabilities
  2. Destroy their cash flow, supply and distribution network
  3. Locate and destroy every individual associated with a Cartel.

The Good news is:  The Mexican People Are Winning!


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