The Mideast Peace Process: Harbinger Of Cynicism

Very few authors truly grasp the political and social significance of what has been termed the ‘Peace Process’, Shmuel Katz and Dennis Ross remain the most fair minded and realist writers on a most difficult topic.  Recently, Bret Stevens from the Wall St. Journal had a sit down with Iran’s Ahmadinejad in New York, what his column revealed is startling.

Stephens remarked at the rhetorical gift that is Ahmadinejad.  The gift of rhetoric is no longer studied or crafted in the West; our dominate visual or linear stress dominates our education and culture to the extent that we can easily be persuaded if one does not have firmly developed personal, political convictions.  This is aided by contemporary relativism, pluralism.  “When asked about Iran’s continued obstruction of the U.N. nuclear inspectors he points out that the ‘Zionist regime’ operates under no U.N. nuclear strictures.  This makes for a powerful argument the moment you accept the premise of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.”  Stephens points to a sever intellectual weakness that currently cripples the West.  Namely lack of clear thinking politically on the norms governing international affairs.

Dealing with gifted rhetoric can unhinge the most ardent supporter.  Stephens prods for a clear response regarding Iran’s willingness to abide by an agreement reached between the Palestinians and Israel fords an opportunity to view the cynical foundation from which Arabs have traditionally viewed ‘The Peace Process’, Ahmadinejad’s response is quick:  “I have no trouble deferring to the wishes of the Palestinians; I wish Iranian representation by the people they actually elect.”  This means HAMAS!

For those not up to speed with regional Near Eastern political craft this is harrowing for it reveals that only in the West is this ‘Process’ viewed with “Peace” in mind.  The local actors have no intention of PEACE.

“In a stroke, Ahmadinejad has put himself on the side of democracy and exposed the central fallacy of the current peace process, which is that a majority of Palestinians, Arabs and Persians along with their violent militias and proxies want to co-exist alongside a dominant Jewish State called Israel.”

Stephen’s encounter with Ahmadinejad reveals the sinister workings of a devilish nuclear Iran courting and cajoling a weak West.

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