New York State Of Mind

The recent uproar over the Tea Party movement regarding their sweep in Primaries is especially fitting given both the rage over a stagnant economy and decentralized media that permits every person to become a ‘center’.  Anyone who has read Marshall McLuhan understands how our current decentralized portable media has rocked old monolithic templates.  The election in November will be the most violent electoral shift since 1994, and perhaps since 1968!

The contemporary status quo is not in line with the American people who are more right of center than ideologically left.  ‘The People’ no longer believe that elected officials are representing them.  New York State Republican chairman Ed Cox has recently revealed how dysfunctional New York is:  “the state is dominated by an insider commercial party whose main business is doing contracts.  The key disputes are not ideological but about who gets the State’s business, whether bond sales, construction contracts or rigged development.  Politically connected lawyers, PR firms, lobbyists and vendors are influential in this party system, and they all do well as they depend on the State for much of their livelihood.  BUT THE ECONOMIC INTERESTS OF THIS NOMENKLATURA IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE STATE’S FUTURE PROSPERITY.”

For those who understand and can anticipate the future as detailed by McLuhan and exposed here by Cox can take comfort in knowing that ‘The People’ are returning their governance back to ‘The People.’

November is coming.

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