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Henry Kaufman: Critiques The Federal Reserve Strategy

The monetary policy of this Federal Reserve is to pump more money into the economy to raise the rate of inflation, in so doing, this Chairman hopes to gain an increase of the rate of personal consumption. This is really … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda On The Rise In AfPak Region

Arthur Herman is another great British historian that has left British institutional academic life for the American Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C., his criticism is usually balanced for one without executive cabinet experience.  Most academics are hollow, those that seek … Continue reading

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Peter Berkowitz & The Failure of American Higher Education

Peter Berkowitz is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, he has written an opinion article for the Wall St. Journal expounding how Political Science departments throughout American Universities have abdicated in their responsibilities to form men … Continue reading

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The Genius Of The American Founding

How else to speak of the moral revolution that was and is the American Founding. Fidel Castrol, Pol Pot, Jospeh Stalin, Adolf Hitler and scores of other ‘revolutionaries’ all failed. Why? Unless we understand the measure that our Founders took … Continue reading

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U.S. Congress Outsources Responsibilities To Federal Reserve

Only two scholars worthy of mention have the temerity to speak their minds regarding a the deadly relation between a wimpish Congress and an arrogant Federal Reserve.  Dr. Allan Meltzer of the American Enterprise Institute and David Malpass, the former … Continue reading

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Christian Love, Judgement & Condemnation

Although a most difficult theological topic to cover in short time, it can be simplified. Luke’s Gospel writes of a time when Jesus cursed a fig tree for not bearing fruit, this analogy was not lost on his disciples,  although … Continue reading

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Quick Intro To Christian Faith

In a radio interview the late great Swiss Catholic Theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar once remarked that: “We cannot really understand anything of Christ apart from the mystery of the Trinity or The Church without faith in Christ’s divinity & … Continue reading

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Fundamentals Of Economic Growth

Money does not drive economic growth.  Investment does.  Growing the money supply in relation to production (read inflation) can influence investment and economic growth by lowering the price of money (interest rate) and by shifting more of the national income … Continue reading

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Pakistan: The Wavering Ally

Ryan Crocker was U.S. ambassador to both Pakistan & Iraq from 2004-2009, he most certainly knows the region and its ambitions regarding American presence.  His latest speech reveals the limited range of policy options that constrains Pakistan.  This is not … Continue reading

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Currency War: The Perils Of Specialization In Finance & Macroeconomics

The editorial board of the Wall St. Journal has revealed great insight into why many political economies throughout the world are experiencing problems with price stability, native currencies and inflation.  The answer is easy to see:  the U.S. Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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