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Pakistan: The Geopolitical Imperatives In The Long War

Let’s face it, dealing with Pakistan is like child rearing.  All the more dangerous when its done by academics finding themselves facing the unrelenting realism of militant fanatics. How else are we to see this wavering ally? Pakistan suffers from … Continue reading

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The Chinese Response To U.S. Currency Devaluation

If you are a Chinese Nationalist living in Beijing, you are aware that the United States has begun a currency war.  To steal exports from China, the United States has decided that it will debase (cheapen) its currency to attract … Continue reading

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The Monetary Roots Of Currency Fluctuations

Recently the U.S. Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner began an offensive campaign against China in addressing both trade imbalances and currency fluctuations.  Given how the rest of Asia gladly accepted such an erroneous political play speaks volumes to the xenophobia … Continue reading

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Unilateral Declaration Of Palestinian State: The Possibility For Responsible Governance

The past few weeks have witnessed the passionate claim that the Palestinians will unilaterally declare the West Bank a Palestinian State.  Although this makes great publicity, it most certainly makes for an impending tragedy.  This August 2011 declaration will be … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler: The Fuhrer In The Making

Dr.  James Billington has resided as the Chief Librarian at the Library of Congress for decades.  Recently he remarked that Lincoln, Shakespeare and Jesus have more published each year it remains impossible for any scholar to maintain a grasp given … Continue reading

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