GOP Win: Prioritize The Components Of A Winning Strategy

Excessive government spending is excessive confiscatory taxation, get it under control and the American people will thrive.  This is not difficult to understand.  It is the foundation that is the Austrian School of Economics under Fredrick Hayek who bequeathed such wisdom to Milton Friedman and Allan Meltzer and Reagan.  But Tuesday’s win must be placed inside the broader context of contemporary failed liberal governance.

Congressional spending is the locus of Washington’s power nexus.  Such spending sustains the regulatory bureaucracies, the albatross that continues to inhibit American prosperity.  Philosophically, this is powerful insight, for it beckons back to the traditional natural law concept of GOVERNMENT AS A RELATION, NOT AN OBJECT.

This is the source of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.  It wishes to re-establish the traditional relationship between the States and Federalism and between the individual and the informing ideas that constitute governance.  Decentralized electronic media is  hastening the demise of centralization as witnessed in Tuesday’s election.

How do you unlock and liberate the American economy?


Get rid of the idea of benevolent government.

With a 65 seat House majority and 47 seats in the  Senate, the GOP will not be immune from public anger.

How else to put it:  2012 is already in play!


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