The Challenge Of Divided Government

There is a reason why both Napoleon and Lyndon Johnson admonished the authority of newspaper editorials:  writing is a craft that shapes strong thinking.  Strong thinking threatens the visual stress of embodied success.

The editorial board of the Wall St. Journal threatened the visual, auditory success that was Obama in writing ‘The Boehner Evolution’.

Tuesday’s GOP victory stands in contrast to the image comported by President Obama.  He struck a personal tone absent of any political or strategic substance.  We are witnessing the historic demise of a once most promising person.  Unless Obama rebounds quickly his career is finished.  If the House Republicans can choose to dominate national issues to frame the 2012 elections, our Executive is about to experience Nixonian isolation.  This is very dangerous given international threats.  Not to mention the possibility of ‘wag the dog’ given the weakness of Obama.

The drama of the next two years is easy to discern:  an ideologically bent President unwilling to accept being chastened by Tuesday’s GOP victory, a rising GOP with public support, decentralized media favoring Conservatism and rising unemployment.

Congressional gridlock alone may not stop this tidal wave.


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