Shariah: Threat To America

The C.I.A. has developed a competitive threat analysis team to examine policy analysis regarding Islamic terrorism.  This past September the CIA released its report titled ‘Sharia:  Threat To America’.  This 177 page report is lethal in its realism regarding the expansionist aims of Islam.  The following helped craft this report:

General William G. Boykin former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence

Lieutenant General Harry Edward Soyster former Director of Defense Intelligence Agency

Dr. Frank Gaffney the President of the Center for Security Policy

Dr. Andrew C. McCarthy former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney author of ‘Grand Jihad’

Dr. James Woosley former Director of CIA.

The findings of this group reveal that Shariah (Islamic Law) is a comprehensive spiritual, legal, moral and political code.  ‘It is the crucial fault line of Islam’s internecine struggle.’

What is the aim of such expansionism?

Islam seeks to forcibly impose a totalitarian regime cloaked as an Islamic State:  a Caliphate.

For Muslims that reside outside of any militant expansionist claims such as Indonesia, Sharia law is believed to be immutable.  This permits the violability of conscience.  In other words SHARIA LAW, BECAUSE OF ITS IMMUTABILITY, IS COMPULSORY!  Failure to adopt is a damnable offense.

For such Islamists, the West is not a culture or civilization to be embraced or tolerated but overcome.  FOR SUCH ADHERENTS, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ALTERNATIVE SYSTEMS AND FORMS OF GOVERNANCE TO FULLY COEXIST WITH SHARIA.

Will we hide from this threat?  Or will the Promise of American life as Liberty defeat such idealist, militant claims?  The experiment that is American liberty has performed well when confronted with Totalitarian claims as evidenced with Japan, China and Nazi Germany.  The key to understanding such threats is that they were not engendered from within the fecundity of human freedom.  They were threats from without.  Today’s threats come from within the very identity that is liberty and freedom:  absolute and relativized freedom is a lie.  Our enemies have read us correctly, even if they are misplaced in such analysis.  Nevertheless, unless the West rediscovers three moral principals we cannot defeat the challenge of properly ordering threats originating within the fecundity of militant freedom:

1.  The indissolubility of marriage.

2.  The inviolability of the human person or conscience.

3.  The sanctity of the conjugal act.

If the West cannot rediscover these moral precepts, then the relativism at the core of contemporary Western liberalism cannot survive the impact of engaging militant Islam.

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