The Fall of Britannia: Pluralism, Multiculturalism & The Demise Of Empire

At the center of the West’s Security Agenda is the denouncement of how the ideological current of Multiculturalism is damaging to the very liberty that secures the West’s cultural supremacy.

How did this happen?

The end of the Cold War saw the rapid mobilization of Islamists from North Africa gaining foothold throughout the Mediterranean Basin.  The nations of both western Europe and those throughout the Mediterranean remain awash in Marxian categories of thought from economics to foreign policy.  The irony is simple: after the defeat of Communism European thought remains unable to move forward in grasping the theoretical weaknesses of flaccid liberalism.  England alone shows signs of acknowledging the link between ideological vacuity of the left and the growing menace that is Islamism.  The wake up call is the concrete realization that Islamic terrorism is no longer a phenomenon that arrives abroad.

Let’s face it, Islamic terrorists are usually well educated and most often middle class.  The simple truth is difficult to comprehend:  the call to assimilation is not finding any receptivity within the confines of the domestic nationalists throughout western Europe.

Another way to put it:  at the core of the problem concerning assimilation is National Identity.  Europe is lost after the fall of the galvanizing impact of Communism.  How else to explain why/how there are so many extremists in free and open societies.  Under the State mandated doctrines of multiculturalism we inflate a pluralism that fails to provide a coherent vision of society that eradicates the bonds of solidarity traditionally discovered by reason in natural law.

Remember the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’!  The official indifference that comprises  flaccid liberalism is not only mandated but showered with public money  throughout Europe.

Philosophical relativism flourishes in cultures that lack the confidence to both defend themselves and embody values that accompany natural law.

The Freedom Agenda that was George W. Bush is the best hard remedy in attacking this problem at its most primal level.

The West must pursue policies both domestically and internationally that amount to an unambiguous hard nosed defense of liberty.

Let’s Roll.


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